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As a member of the global RAN ONE network BMRG is now part of one of the world’s largest networks of independent accounting and consulting firms serving small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients.

Being a member of RAN ONE gives us access to the firepower, resources and collective experience of a global network while still allowing us to act as an extremely focused, independent client service organization.

As a RAN ONE Advisory Firm, BMRG offers clients premier business advisory and consulting services with the global resources of RAN ONE that are typically available only from a larger national firm.

To qualify to be a part of the RAN ONE network members are required to meet strict annual compliance and quality standards that ensure a consistently high level of service across the globe.

To learn more about our business advisory services, contact Jennifer Katrulya at (203) 791-0085 or email jkatrulya@bmrg.net.

Your Professional Wellbeing

The quality of a professional’s life is made up of four significant components:

◦The nature of the WORK you are doing
◦How you relate to the PEOPLE around you
◦How much MONEY you are earning
◦The quality of your LIFE outside work
These factors combine to create your overall Professional Wellbeing.

Our aim at as a RAN ONE Advisory Firm is to work with you to improve the condition of each of these areas to take your Professional Wellbeing to its highest possible level.
While you may have achieved some degree of success and fulfilment, that success is likely to have come at a cost. Often the stressful and busy lifestyle we have come to accept falls short of our vision and leaves us feeling somewhat dissatisfied. Whatever your current state-of-mind is regarding your career, it can be helpful to take an objective look at the quality of your Professional Wellbeing.

Take our test to ascertain your Professional Wellbeing score.