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It's harder than ever to find a professional you can trust with not only the management of your business and personal finances, but as or more importantly with your privacy. 

Your BMRG team will provide you with the outstanding and personalized attention you need while giving you the comfort of knowing you’re working with an ally you can trust with your private financial and other matters. 

At BMRG we have experienced professionals dedicated to working within the entertainment and sports industry.  In addition, BMRG’s solutions are provided using web-based technology solutions, giving you 100% visibility into your financial and business matters from anywhere you have internet access.  At your option, you can provide your other key advisors (attorneys, agents, etc.) with access to this same information, knowing that you can also remove their access at any time.

The easy-to-use “dashboard” we customize for you means that you won’t have to spend hours reading financial reports in order to get the “snap-shot” information you need.  We provide it to you using today’s leading web-based software solutions that you can even access from your iPad!

Many of the entertainment professionals and athletes we work with are involved with a variety of additional business ventures.  We are able to provide you with the accounting services you need for those additional companies as well, providing you with a true “one stop” service for your accounting and business management needs.