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Adirondack Design was established in 1984 with the ideal of preserving, enhancing, and continuing the tradition of architecture which began over a century ago.  The company believes indigenous Adirondack architecture, sometimes referred to as "The Great Camp Style", is one which harmonizes with the wilderness better than any other style.  Although the term "Adirondack architecture" is synonymous with the Adirondack region of
New York, it  (and the arts and craft style of architecture found in the early North Carolina mountain resort communities of Asheville, Blazing Rock, Cashiers, Highland, Lake Tok---, Linville, and Roaring Gap) are styles which can easily be adapted to any area.

Adirondack Design strives to become the recognized authority on the continuation and preservation of Adirondack architecture.  Utilizing computer generated drawing, their technology is of the next century - - - but their ambiance is of the past.

Adirondack Design
Michael L. Bird, A.I.A.
Michael Bird is the founder and principal of the firm.   A graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, he is licensed to practice in the State of New York.

Before establishing his own firm, Michael apprenticed with a local professional where he worked directly under the head architect, designing, drafting, and negotiating on numerous projects in the area.

His family has owned a camp on Upper St. Regis Lake for over seventy years.  He spent every summer on the St. Regis Lakes, moving here permanently the spring of 1982.  The experience of living in a Great Camp and being intimately familiar with the lifestyle, as well as the maintenance involved, has engendered a unique sensitivity in his design and construction methods.

Adirondack structures are not confined just to the Adirondacks.  Adirondack style is transcendent and can help to create a bond with nature in almost any location.

Camp Dancing Bear (shown above), embodies the spirit of four separate camp buildings, each with their own interior character, but incorporates them in one structure cohesive on the exterior.  The dining/kitchen wing is all old barn board; the play room a warm cherry; and the living room is of a unique composition borrowed from traditional boat building techniques.  This four bedcroom house admirably fits both the client's requirements and the resraints of the elevated building site. 

Projects range from Victorian structures on Lake George to small cabins along the shoreline of Lake Placid.  Computer aided design helps us to express ourselves most accurately and assists the client in the on-going visualization of the project.

Adirondack Design designed and supervised the completion of extensive renovations to Camp Topridge, originally the summer get-away for the Post family and one of the Great Camps of the Adirondacks.  The main lodge acquired a new entrance, new kitchen and new windows, all of which maintained the character of the period during which the camp was originally constructed but ensured that the residents would be able to comfortably enjoy the property for years to come by incorporating low maintenance and energy efficient materials.  In the "new" lodge, one is surrounded in natural charm and elegance without sacrificing warmth and comfort.

ar.chi.tect (ar'ki-tekt) n.  One who designs and supervises the construction of large structures such as buildings.

Ad.i.ron.dack De.sign (ad'e-ron'-dak' di-zin') n.  1. The firm that supervises the construction of the dreams you design. 
2.  The firm that blends the warmth and ambiance of the Adirondack style with the modern building techniques and energy efficient materials of the present using tomorrow's computer assisted drawing techniques and virtual reality walk-throughs.

In all aspects of the development process, Adirondack Design works with the client to provide personal and individual attention in order to incorporate ideas into three-dimensional designs to create a sound structure and assists in the selection of materials and furnishings so that the completed project will be an original designed and specifically tailored to each individual's needs and requirements.

There is a growing interest throughout the country in "getting back to nature", getting back to a time when life was less hurried, less stressed, and less complicated.  By designing homes, summer get-away places or simply renovating an existing camp, Adirondack Design Associates uses area sources and craftsmen to create unique homes, incorporating indiginous materials, including wood, stone, slate or ceramic tiles, which in and of themselves provide low-cost maintenance and which complement the design.  For example, a birch bark covered wall doesn't need to be refinished or repainted.  Oftentimes, restored furnishings, salvaged barnwood or antique reproductions as well as modern fixtures are selected to capture a period look.  With the renewed popularity of Adirondack furniture and furnishings, there has also been a resurgence of extremely talented and diverse craftsmen whose talents are reminiscent of another age when most home furnishings were hand carved from materials at hand, when re-cycling was taken for granted.

For more information about Adirondack Design, visit                                                       or call (518) 891-5224. 

About Michael Bird
Camp Dancing Bear
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